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Mike from Tampa, FL, US, i met the sweetest, most amazing man in the world and we've been together now for just over a month.

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They have money and Akram and his ilk have the merchandise. In its latest study on sexual behaviour in Mumbai, the Humsafar Trust, a male sexual health agency, corroborates this new trend of young boys indulging in sexual activities to maintain their cool lifestyles.

In the random sampling survey, 6,000 males were interviewed of which 20 per cent youth (in the 14-30 age-group) admitted they hawked sex as just any other commodity to make money.

There was another reason why I was here: the conference was on a Friday evening and hence I could spend my weekend getting to know the city of Mumbai better. She looked to be in her late twenties, just as old as I was, but her demeanour was a lot more confident than a woman of her age.

I pursued my higher studies in Pune, hence many of my friends work in Mumbai. I was definitely flustered, but I knew that I couldn't be in any sort of trouble unless I really wanted to be. "Do you still want to drink with a call girl in the night in an alien city," she asked me, jolting me back from my thoughtful slumber. The following hour must've been the quickest of my entire life.

The report indicates that 57 per cent of them reported bisexual behaviour and the average earning of 64 per cent was Rs 6,000 a month.

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"I am a healthy young man with a healthy sexual drive," Akram declares. A college drop-out, Akram works in his uncle's construction company.

In the evening, he hangs out with like-minded friends at cyber cafes, trying to get connected with Sugar Aunts (single professionals, married women with loads of money), Uncle Joes (gay men) and "Sab Kuchh Janata" (people looking for kinky sex).

And, it may or may not sound clichéd when I say this, she was one of the nicest human beings I'd ever met in my life. I was in Mumbai attending a client conference for a multinational PR agency I was working for at that time. It seemed as if all my perceptions about sex workers had suddenly gone down the drain.

Since attendance was more of a formality than a necessity, I was the only one who'd flown down from Delhi. She was neither dressed gaudily nor was she foul-mouthed.

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