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She got the panther tattooed by artist Derek Lewis in April 2016, right before the start of the Midnight Machines tour in support of the acoustic EP.

In May 2014, Lights got this tattoo of a retro-style rocketship as a tribute to her daughter Rocket Wild Bokan.

, trades synthetic beats for acoustic rhythms and unadorned vocals. rainforest just outside the door, all my comic and video game collectibles, a hefty crystal collection in light-up cases, and my daughter is playing on the floor in front of me. I have a bug-out plan, a survival kit, and I’m well versed in apocalypse jargon and know-how.

Here’s how she answered our questionnaire: Right here on my couch, actually. Of all the places I’ve been in the world, nothing feels quite like this. I’d love to live my current age in, like, 50 years.

as well as singles "Drive My Soul", "February Air", "Ice", "Second Go", "Toes", and "Up We Go".

Lights tours extensively to support her recordings.

Lights was awarded the 2009 Juno Award for New Artist of the Year.

Both girls have the word “fire” written in cursive on the insides of their index fingers, but Juliet opted for red ink while her friend chose black. New tattoo by the incredible @robertatkinson_tattoo 🙌 I love it Robert thank you!!When people think raging about something online is more effective than just living that conviction and being an example. I’d love to see what kind of technology we would have at our disposal. That said, I wore it in grade nine once because Pam Anderson wore it. I’ve done many things I’m proud of, but what makes me the proudest is the fact that I’ve managed to be the mother of a beautiful daughter in the process. People don’t really understand the depth at which I’m actually a survivalist.Also, I’d be interested in attempting to survive the inevitable apocalypse we are carving out for ourselves. I never realized how at peace you could be with yourself until I had a kid. I always hate answering this, because my music has been referred to as a guilty pleasure before. Life is so much more enjoyable when you realize it isn’t all about you. The writing is really great, and it has a bit of all the things I love: fantasy, sci-fi, horror and sex. He’s living the dream every day, traveling the world and taking photos. It’s hard to imagine a fake person being inspiring, but she helps me visualize what I’m capable of. I’ve met everyone I’ve dreamed of, I think: Phil Collins, Joni Mitchell and Bryan Adams. It bums me out that someone would be ashamed of something they like. Rather than covering the old black ink heart and banner tattoo on her left forearm, Lights had it incorporated into a large and colorful new tattoo.It is a coat of arms which she designed to represents different aspects of her life.As the daughter of missionary parents, Welsh mother, Virginia Poxleitner and Canadian father of German and Austrian descent, Eric Poxleitner, she spent her childhood in many parts of the world, including the Philippines, Jamaica, Ontario, and British Columbia.She moved to Toronto at the age of 18 when she legally changed her name to Lights.Two weeks later, in October 2012, artist Shaun Kama aka Halloween Tattoos added black edges around the outside of the skull, covering up the teeth (top right).Juliet Simms has writing which goes all the way around her upper right arm.

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