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***Massive Disconnect***After a while, you'll see an Exclamation !

icon on your Norton 360 tray icon and then you'll get dialog prompts telling you you're not up-to-date.

If Norton Security Suite is already installed on your PC, it will be automatically upgraded to run on Windows 10.

If the upgrade to Windows 10 removed your copy of Norton Security Suite, we ask that you download and install the Norton Security Suite software again by using the "Get Norton Security Suite" button on the top of this page.

I've also checked the schedules tasks via the Control Panel and that's empty (I've also disabled Microsoft from installing Windows updates for the same reason).® Google Chrome overtook IE as the world's biggest browser by market share in summer 2014. * A previous headline on this story mis-identified the affected product as Norton 360.Many would describe the first one rather as an update than upgrade.If you already have Norton Norton Security installed, and its version is lower than the most current one, you're entitled into a free upgrade for as long as you have a valid subscription.For example, if you're running Norton Security version 1.x, with your current paid subscription, you can visit Norton Update Center, and choose between an automated or manual update.For additional support, please visit the I cannot start my Norton product support page on Symantec's website.Users of the world's second best* browser were forced to use alternatives after an overnight update to Norton Anti Virus prevented Internet Explorer from working at all.Upon completion of the restart and a second try at the update, the entire application was deleted.Since then I cannot seem to download anything that resembles a virus scan.I'm quite happy to run/install both sets at my leisure, usually at the end of the day, but I'm baffled as to how Liveupdate still manages to creep in.ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS -- SERVICES and DISABLE the "Automatic Live Update" service. Be aware that any time you run the Live Update thru the Norton package/menus it will restart this service, because that's what it's set to do.

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