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I would be interested to know from anybody of any dated references for this model & would certainly like to know the model of the 1920's stove you refer to. Regards, Ross Dear Ross, Thank you for your reponse.

It is solid brass and has a burner in the middle with a metal chain connecting a tool key that has a small wrench on one end and the other end is used to increase the wick.If you need appraisals, or more info, search the web or ebay as I have.I have an L327 in extremely good condition with a reflector that is like the 220 reflector but it does not have a handle. I can send you photos if you give me an email address to send them to.The container has a grey background with black and white raindrops.This is apparently an insert for the cooler that ice is kept in to keep food cool, there is also a caution on the lower part of the container that says it has been treated with a rust inhibitor, and says do not store unwrapped food or drinks in it. I am looking for some help I have a Jan-1988 Black "Special Edition" Power House Model 290 Lantern in very good condition. My name is Kennycame across a JC Higgins Sears model 710-740-40 camp stove today. Or their grandkids, when they come and when they reach the age when they can join me on some adventure.I have, in the past on Outdoor Pursuit forums, seen deserved praise heaped on the Svea 123.I have also seen people refer to it having been around for nearly 100 years.I would like to know the approximate value of this lantern. Thanks I am looking for a new stove rather than pay for parts for my Coleman Apex Peak 1.Thanks, John i have a full collection of coleman lantern would like to sell very interesting ones like christmas edition and much more like 1952 in box never opened and more more more my e- mail is [email protected] whom it may concern; I recently came across a vintage Coleman Quick-Lite Lantern and it is stamped 7 11 which I am guessing is from November of 1927!!! In good shape generally, but does not pressurize etc. I used to have an Optimus 111 and realize it was the best I ever had. I also just found out a Borde recently sold on e Bay for 0 Canadian!On the filler cap is " Made in Sweden" and also the numbers " 15060". Filler cap is a older design than I have seen before with a flat top and simple hole in middle of cap.Stove also says Benzoline, Petrol, Essence, Bensin. Thanks Monte Some may find this a little controversial to question the pedigree of the famous Svea 123 but hopefully it'll maybe get some facts to surface about this stove!

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