Se7en dating scandal

An insider also stated, "The two naturally developed into a couple as they were good, old friends who stood by each other during times of struggle.It has been approximately a year since the two became a couple.Many of their peers are already well aware of their relationship.They are a good couple and enjoy dates in other countries such as Thailand and Hong Kong." 10 yrs and they were going to break up anyway but dispatch found out about them and then they gave eachother a chance.

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He should be admitting his mistake and learning from it, not cosplaying as a victim.BUT for the record that was just a BLIND ITEM but Knetz seem to think it was her. Honestly though we are not even sure if the blind item is true.I honestly see nothing wrong even if she did date all those actors she was rumored with.[ 22, -2] Da Hae-ya, be good to Se7en because he's going to ditch you for the massage parlor once he gets tired of you -_- but didn't she have a scandal with Lee Dong Wook before? [ 19, -5] What if Se7en went to the massage parlors in the back alleys of Bangkok after she fell asleep in their hotel... [ 2,826, -117] They're the same age but why does it feel like Lee Da Hae is older and Se7en's younger 3. [ 265, -17] I feel like as a woman, I'd be put off by a man who has a past of committing an illegal act like having sex at a massage parlor... [ 228, -13] I wonder how many other scandals Dispatch has under their sleeve right now?According to an exclusive report by Sports Chosun, the two stars became lovers after years of being close friends.[ 782, -22] I wonder if all of this is worth it for him to continue being a celebrity 7. this show's going downhill - Article: Se7en 'reveals all' from dating Lee Da Hae to his army scandal Source: Sports Chosun via Naver 1. He went to a massage parlor and wanted to buy a prostitute for 0 but there were no available women so he waited a bit before leaving and was caught on camera assaulting a reporter... [ 1,376, -107] Korea must be so rotten to allow a man like this on TV... [ 903, -47] Producers are insane for letting this happen ㅡㅡ 5.Article: "How's our chemistry" Se7en and Lee Da Hae's Bangkok date Source: Dispatch via Nate 1. [ 251, -27] Eating breakfast at a hotel means they obviously slept together the night before ㅋㅋ 4. [ 3,592, -99] Honestly they're not having an affair like Kim Min Hee and Hong Sang Soo.It's her life plus their single, she's single then what is the problem?!But Knetz seem to think that must mean she is a slut.maybe because Lee Da hae had been rumored with several actors :with Li Yi Feng(he had visited Seoul several times to see her ,he confirmed and had mentioned in past interview that he had dated korean woman ) ,with Kang ji Hwan - couple’s vacation Thailand,with Lee Dong wook after their dramas: My Girl and Hotel King.; Lee Jun ki, Go soo and more I am not sure but maybe because LDH have been rumored to have dated lots of actors.And if i remember right there were rumors before saying she is 'sex craze' and has been with many actors etc.

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