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Hi shraddha, Consider using the Day Template Selector property of the Rad Calendar.

You can check our Rad Calendar first look example, as it is showing these exact feature of the control. I am not sure if I am understanding correctly your request.

The code assumes that you are using a SQL Server database containing the table Holidays.

This does require that somewhere you are doing a Page.

The Telerik Calendar in UI for Xamarin is designed so you can offer your users the ultimate in productivity in your apps with various calendar scenarios.

I looked at the calendar control in the wpf toolkit, but it wasn't really what I wanted, and I didn't want any dependencies so..

Data Bind() call (or a databind call on a parent control). Date in order for the control to actually select the date.

If you are not doing that and you absolutely do not want any codebehind on the page, then you'll have to create a usercontrol that contains a calendar control and sets its selecteddate. So the "correct" answer is Selected Date=" I too had the same problem in VWD 2010 and, by chance, I had two controls.

Calendars keep our lives organized and productive; everyone uses them and increasingly so in digitally, so it’s no surprise that your mobile app may need to display a calendar and manage events.

Turns out, however, calendar UI is tricky business, and the little details make all the difference.

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