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is one of several programs offered at Positive Impact Health Centers.While the majority of services are focused on the needs of gay and bisexual men due to the nature of funding that supports MISTER and the mission of the MISTER program, women and straight men may also access many of the services offered at MISTER, including access to no-cost HIV testing, fee-for-service STI screenings and treatment, information on local resources, and linkage to HIV medical care for HIV-positive persons. Cut to Kenya, she is having dinner with her brother and nieces. By talking about him of course I mean humiliating him. I have never missed my boyfriend more than I do right now. Cut to Kandi telling Phaedra and Cynthia about the trip to Hawaii. Back to Kandi, Phaedra is not interested in going alone, so she wants to invite Porsha. This show is thirsty, and not in a pass the vodka kind of way. Phaedra and Porsha are out and I am fascinated by their bodies. Porsha thinks going to Hawaii is leaving the country and I want to smack her. Kandi is now standing up and calling out Porsha and warning her fake and unemployed boyfriend. If my vodka bottle wasn’t so full I’d break it and swallow glass, which would be more fun than watching this garbage. The only new shit is Kandi being a lesbian, and nobody cares about that. These women are becoming less interesting with each week that passes. The only thing creepier than Bob, is Sheree taking Bob back. Kandi says that Porsha is the B in LGBT, which is a great line.

Does culinary innovation, diversity, and a mild climate sound preferable to your current location?

Important to note that this show is good, but would be great if Nene were on it. My liver also misses her because I drink more now that she is gone. We begin with a classic and annoying double scene, double conversation. Everyone is very excited about Kandi’s sex dungeon, which she says does not exist. She has nothing going on in her life, other than keeping her lies straight, and that doesn’t translate well to television. They have no time and they’re going to spend two days just traveling?

On one side is Kandi, Sheree, Cynthia, Shamea, and Kenya. Sidebar: Porsha walking around with her cleanse in a cooler is stupid, much like Porsha. Kandi is certainly spending a lot of time telling everyone she is not a lesbian. I’m guessing if the sex toy queen had a sex dungeon she’d not only talk about it, but show us around. Phaedra better find a storyline quick because at this point I am ready to skip over her.

Kandi tells the girls about her meeting with Porsha and the talk of Kandi being a lesbian. She may in fact be a lesbian, but I’m guessing the dungeon is actually just a bedroom. She is a liar, and a bore, and a bad friend, and involved in Apollo’s crimes. They are complaining about how busy they are, how behind the restaurant is, but they’re going to go on vacation?

Kandi is telling the girls Porsha said she tried to drug her and have sex with her. Porsha is so desperate for a storyline she has crossed over to the dark side. Kandi is not having any of it and Porsha is hanging onto her story for dear life. We go from Phaedra to a commercial for Kandi’s restaurant.

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