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KTLA in Los Angeles, for example, showed an unedited version of the Academy Award-winning One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, which featured fully exposed female breasts, between and 11 p.m.

The channel began the time slot with a video of director Miloš Forman stating that the film was too controversial to be allowed a faithful television broadcast (NBC's earlier broadcast had cut the film to fit the two hours format with commercials), but that KTLA believed that the culture had changed such that a complete broadcast would be tolerated and appreciated.

“On the big screen, the blue-eyed blonde was memorable in a leading role as an aging burlesque stripper who seduces a teenager (Scott Marlowe) in ‘A Cold Wind in August’ (1961), and she received the best actress award at the Berlin Film Festival for portraying Tuesday Weld’s suicidal mother in ‘Lord Love a Duck’ (1966),” THR reports.

Albright’s other feature film work included a memorable performance in the Kirk Douglas boxing classic “Champion” (1949) and the 1950 film “The Good Humor Man,” in which she played opposite her future husband, Jack Carson.

Nudity in American television has always been a controversial topic.

Aside from a few exceptions, nudity in the United States has traditionally not been shown on terrestrial television.

She is probably best known for her run as the sultry singer Edie Hart on the detective series “Peter Gunn” from 1958-1961.

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How do we actually quantify human intelligence to be able to say that we have succeeded in Turing's dream? Should we instead be looking to create a new sort of machine intelligence different from our own?An actress and singer who was known as one of the most stylish actresses in Hollywood in the 1950s has died.Lola Albright died Thursday at a home in Toluca Lake, Calif., according to The Hollywood Reporter. Albright became a star in feature films in the late 1940s and early 1950s, then transitioned to a long career in television.I am actually shocked to learn that has human beings reading the emails. AI's marketing materials state it's "An AI personal assistant who schedules meetings for you."Their default tagline in every email sent says "– artificial intelligence that schedules meetings "You have to dig into their press kit to get any mention of human "Supervised Learning".My typical interaction with Amy has been a 3rd party suddenly CC'ing her (it) into an existing thread.Throughout the United States, many metropolitan areas had independent television stations that were not affiliated with any of the national networks and showed programming only to people within their limited broadcast range.During the 1980s, many of these stations experimented with content containing frontal female nudity in movies during prime time.Yes and I think that works with many areas and in many products.But when you have confidential information in the mix - especially stuff that might have SEC implications - it changes the game.I understand the counter argument that's warehousing this info regardless, but introducing a human under the guise of a blind-AI is unsettling.It's a disingenuous pitch and should have repercussions if they don't improve their disclosures of what the service is actually doing.

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