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An important date in its history is the expulsion edict of 31 March 1492 by Ferdinand, King of Spain, and his wife Queen Isabella.

The edict stipulated that Jews must be expelled from Spain on 31 July 1492 unless they converted to Catholicism.

“In Iran they know that Jews have influence on the international scene.

They want to show the world, and the Americans, that Jews have a good life in Iran,” he stated.

As dhimmis they had to be distinguished from the Muslims and were subject to certain limitations.

They had to wear clothing of a certain color, could not ride horses, could not build synagogues higher than Muslim houses were exempted from military service and forced to pay a poll tax.

In this system non-Muslims were accepted as dhimmis, “People of the Book” protected by their masters, the Ottoman Muslims.

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reports Monday that according to a 2011 census, some 8,750-20,000 Jews live in Iran, compared to 80,000-1000,000 before the 1979 Islamic revolution.

The community is one of the oldest in the Diaspora, dating back some 2,700 years.

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