Depredating 33141 military dating

Whales may depredate fishing gear because the catch type is part of their natural diet, they have learned to target this easily obtainable food source, or their natural prey species have been reduced.

Once one whale in a population learns to feed this way, depredation behaviours are quickly transmitted through the population via social learning.

The springs provide tension on the jaws and hold them shut. When an animal places its foot on the pan, it releases the dog and the jaws close.

A 3/8-inch to 1/2-inch diameter stake that is 20 inches to 28 inches long holds the coyote at the capture site.

Commercial stakes (available from some trap suppliers) with a welded bead or enlargement about 4 inches from the bottom are more difficult for coyotes to pull out of the ground.

The permittee should understand that this permit is intended to provide temporary relief from crop depredation.

It is incumbent upon the landowner or lessee to seek more long-range means of eliminating depredation in the future.

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