Cowboy cheerleader dating buffalo bill

Even though the Buffalo Bills got their asses kicked by the Dallas Cowboys last Sunday, it sure looks like David Nelson is a winner either way.

Nelson scored the only touchdown for the Bills during last Sunday's game.

Especially given that they're not remunerated for squad-mandated meetings, publicity appearances and practices.

Many Jills - and probably most NFL cheerleaders - end up shelling out for uniforms, equipment and more, out of their own pockets.

The “spirit industry” is a multibillion-dollar operation aimed at marketing and merchandise for the “cheer and dance community,” complete with its own 24-hour online television network, the Cheer Channel.

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For years, companies have turned to Athlete Speakers to get Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders's booking fee, appearance cost, and booking agent contact information.

Since their debut, the Cowboys Cheerleaders have been featured on various TV specials and have even had their own movies, with the most recent being a TV show documenting the tryouts for the team.

The uniform for the Cowboys Cheerleaders consists of the trademark white shorts with blue vest, and is widely recognized by most sports fans.

There are etiquette sessions, mock interviews, calendar shoots, and even history lessons.

This Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys will play the Buffalo Bills, which not only has playoff implications, but could also stir up trouble on the home front for one of the Bills star receivers.

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