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Race politics can be complicated and bi-racial stars often find themselves on one side of the Hollywood divide.

Unsurprisingly, for the stars in this list that side tends to be the white one, with most people not even realizing these actors, actresses, and public personas are in fact mixed — and for all intents and purposes, black.

While you are preparing to cast your ballot, or celebrating because you already mailed it in, celebrities are proving they are just like you, by posting photos of their “I Voted” stickers all over social media. #Germanyonceelectedanisolationistloudmouthwhocouldreallyworkacrowd,hadterriblehair,whohatedforeignersandblamedminoritiesforthecountrysproblems,threatenedtoimprisonhisopponents,intimidatedthemedia,hadnorespectforthediplomaticprocess,andsaidonlyhecouldfixtheeconomy....thatdidntgosogreatforgermany.☹️🇩🇪 #alsotheyknowalotabouthoweffectivegreatbigwallsare #themoreyouknow🌠 A post shared by @justintheroux on Multitasking the crap out of today.. I feel like my decisions were better made while super chill and slightly overheated.The “Prison Break” star has a black father and a white mother, and ironically got his start as an actor in the movie “The Human Stain,” where he played a black man passing for white.But since then, he’s played characters that the audience assumes are white.A number of celebrities have children on the autism spectrum, and many are candid in interviews about their experiences.Many celebrities also use their fame and fortune to help advocate for people with the disorder.If you are not Indian, keep reading to learn seven things that should ingratiate you with them. Indians take Bollywood and their celebrities very seriously. I suggest you pick up a few and break them out at an appropriate time, probably somewhere well into the second date.Some are swirlers you might have known about forever, others, not so much.Either way, if you’re nosey like me, you’ll enjoy being in the “know” nonetheless.The couple had two beautiful sons, twins by the name of Jax and Jaid. Zoe Kravitz Lenny and Lisa’s little one is not so little anymore if you haven’t noticed.Although almost everyone knows a family affected by autism, it can be inspiring to see how celebrity parents handle this disorder when it affects their children.

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