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The chop appears to have come just as American actress Eva Longoria cut her own hair in a style that was startlingly similar to both Katie and Posh - perhaps inspiring Katie's choice in an effort to stay one step ahead in the hair-raising stakes.

The actress seemed to be demonstrating great bobs of the 20th century with her new do while filming on the set of her movie 'Eli Stone' in Hollywood this week: starting with a Cagney and Lacey 80s bob, then moving to the 1930s-style mop top and finishing with the sleek and severe do that recalled the 1970s.

Females also have smaller feet and hands, though this often goes unnoticed.

Males lack breasts, have larger shoulders and smaller hips, and have higher muscle tone.

The most prominent difference is that one male Sim and one female Sim are required to create a baby through in-game interactions.

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In The Sims 2 and later games, each life stage with gender differences has some customization features that are only present for one gender, though Patch 34 for The Sims 4 removed almost all of them.

The first bishōjo games were not too popular, At the beginning of the genre almost all the games were pornographic.

A notable landmark was Jast's Tenshitachi no gogo (1985), a precursor to the modern dating simulation.

But what if your roof sounds upgrade from subtle to alarming?

Are you dealing with a loud roof, or do you find yourself wondering “why is my roof creaking?

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  1. Extended treatment protocols in medical facilities far from home often places additional stress on the cancer patient; spouses and caregivers find they need to continue to work which separates them from their loved one at a time when they need each other most.

  2. When my sister, searching for images of her favorite British pop stars, accidentally typed “Spicy Girls” into Yahoo, the search results made her run, shrieking, from the family computer. “It is probably no coincidence that this sea change comes on us at a time when AIDS lurks in the alleyways of our lives,” a writer for The Nation mused in 1993.