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Hopefully that doesn’t happen, but even if you’re super into movies and TV more so than books, figure out a film or show you have in common.

At the very least, nerding out over pop culture can fill even the most awkward conversation gaps.

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Plus, some of the things you like to do could be more important to you than others — keeping a fit lifestyle, going to trivia night every Tuesday, etc.

You’ll be able to connect on how you both were raised, as well as gauge how important family connection is to this person.

This is a straight-up deal breaker on both sides of the equation for so many folks that goes beyond being a dog or cat person. — but it can go a lot further than just palate preferences.

And though it can be tricky to navigate just how deep to ask your questions without seeming weird, chances are, the other person is wondering the same stuff about you. This could be really good to know if it’s important for a potential partner of yours to have a specific type of education, or at least an appreciation for it.

But if you’re asking about high school in particular, it can also be a sly way of asking, “Where are you from ?

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